Sunday, February 01, 2015

Pin Xiang Yan Restaurant, Jurong East

Cold Sour Noodlees

I wasn't exactly expecting to find much at the Koptiam underneath the Jurong East MRT Station this morning. But in the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a picture of yangrou chuanr. Surely enough, it was a mainland Chinese restaurant at the back of the food court (10 Jurong East Street 12, 9642-0322).

Unfortunately, there was like a 10 stick minimum for the chuanr, and I had neither the stomach space nor the time for that. So I got this quick bowl of noodles, which I liked, as it was neither as soft nor as salty as I would have thought it to be. Those dried peppers gave it a nice smoky heat too.

Still, it's not like one can expect any ambiance in a place like this...some dude sat randomly down at my table and started to take off his socks. No matter though: I'd be happy to come back, perhaps for the spicy grilled fish that seemed to be so popular here.

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