Saturday, February 07, 2015

A Lobster Roll from The Clifford Pier

Lobster Roll

At S$32 (US$25), this lobster roll was only two-thirds of the price of Lobster Pince & Pints. And in many ways, I liked it better, not only due to the lobster roll itself, but also because of - get this - the ketchup. Yep, the ketchup that came with those light and skinny fries was impressively good. Whaaat??

See, I normally hate ketchup. But that's probably because 98% of my ketchup-eating experience is based on that nasty-a$$ sh*t from Heinz. The ketchup that came with this plate, on the other hand, actually tasted like tomatoes, and was savory enough that it reminded me of the one from Umami Burger. Who'da thunk that I'd get this excited about a condiment to go with fries?

Other notable items from today included a refreshingly cold glass noodle topped with sea urchin, caviar, and truffles. Some of the cocktails here weren't too bad either. I suspect we're going to be coming back to The Clifford Pier for an afternoon or late night snack, even if it is rather pricey.

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