Friday, January 02, 2015

Exploring Bendemeer Market in Singapore

Suan La Fen

We didn't realize this until we got here, but apparently this place is usually more of a breakfast and lunch place, as most of the stalls were closed when we arrived this afternoon. Among the few that were still open were a couple of Sichuan stalls, so we plopped ourselves down at stall #01-41 for some dan dan mian and suan la fen. The good thing was that she made it pretty spicy, but it wasn't anywhere as good as what one could easily get in Chinatown.

Xiang La Guo

We still needed some more food, so we made our way over to that covered promenade area where a stall called Lao Yao Xiang La Guo sat. And similar to the previous bowls, they could make it pretty spicy, but it just wasn't anywhere as fragrant as places like Piao Xiang. Well, all of this was dirt cheap at least: bowls at the first stall were only S$3 (US$2.35), while this bowl here cost me only S$5 (US$4).

Tau Suan

There was one local thing here that we were able to get though, and that was dessert. I was thus introduced to this thing called tau suan, which is a sweet mung bean soup with some stale cut-up youtiao. The grease from the youtiao was totally what made this thing work. Once one ate all of that, then the sweet beans became rather boring.

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