Friday, December 19, 2014

Howie's Artisan Pizza in Palo Alto

Pepperoni Pizza

I kinda scratched my head at this place when I saw it (855 El Camino Real, 650-327-4992). See, in my mind, the words "artisan pizza" conjure up thoughts of places like Pizzeria Bianco: basically, a very refined yet off-beat pizza rather than your typical pepperoni by the slice place. And yet pepperoni by the slice was exactly what these guys were serving until 5 PM today.

It didn't look like much when it came out. But then I took a bite and immediately smiled. Why? For one, the cheese. This was not any cheap Domino's Pizza cheese, but rather a rich and milky one that was delicious. No, the crust wasn't exactly Nancy Silverton's masterpiece, but it was still light and crispy enough to be a step above the rest. Convenient deal at $6 inclusive of a soda too.

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