Friday, December 05, 2014

Eating My Way Through George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Snapper Carpaccio

I had a good number of hours ahead of me before boarding my flight, so I took advantage of this opportunity to try out some of the new restaurants at the airport. The first stop was 3rd Bar Oyster & Eating House, run by a local Houston chef who packed items from three of his restaurants into this location. I grabbed this snapper carpaccio, which was on the sweet side, but nonetheless just the light and healthy thing that I needed.


Then I stopped at Whataburger, a Texan chain that I've certainly passed by many times in the past. And since USA Today had recently written about it, my curiosity was piqued. I was thus a bit surprised to find that there really wasn't anything that special about it. The patty was as thin as a McDonald's patty, and in many ways it was just a plain ol' burger (that spicy ketchup on the side wasn't really that spicy either). Well, I was only planning to take a couple of bites as a taster anyway. Maybe next time I should try the biscuits or patty melt instead.

Clams and Fennel Sausage

Finally, I made my way over to Terminal E, where Iron Chef Cat Cora's Kitchen sat. I grabbed these clams with a side of asparagus and was delighted with them both; they were exactly what I was looking for, and were easily some of the better things that I've eaten on this trip. Note to self: it's relatively easy to move back and forth between the terminals on the airside. So next time I have a flight through here, I might try to go back to Terminal B to try that Mexican fruit place.

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