Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving in a Box from Sprouts

Boneless Turkey Breast Meal for Two from Sprouts

No, that's not what they called it. But this boneless turkey breast meal came in a box that they presumably used for larger meals that came with an entire bird or leg of ham. Ours only had a breast given that it was for two people, but it came with a barrage of sides as well as even a pie. The good thing was that the turkey was moist, but those mashed potatoes had a disturbing consistency to them.


Anyway, it made Thanksgiving easy this year, and I suppose that I'd do it again, especially since it was a very affordable $29.99. BTW, check out this cheese selection that was near the deli counter at Sprouts. I nearly considered getting that buffalo wing cheese before coming to my senses and realizing that I knew better than to get it.

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