Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Little Tapas Bar on Club Street

Garbazos Chorizo and Gambas Picante

It was not my intention to get Spanish food so quickly again. But I was in the neighborhood and noticed a few things scribbled on the chalkboard as I walked by (42 Club Street, 6223-8048). They sounded tempting enough to try, figuring that I could grab a quick snack before going home.

But when my pulpo first came out on a fancy porcelain plate with a smear of mashed potatoes, I was a bit worried. Was this going to be another modern interpretation of things? They certainly plated the pulpo that way (and I wish they had put a punchier paprika on it), but fortunately it was good enough I still ordered more.

Yep, that's when this snack nearly turned into a dinner, with me ordering a couple of other items like garbanzo beans with chorizo and some prawns. I ate both easily and was happier here than at FOC. To be sure, none of it blew me away either, but I'd come back, perhaps just to nibble on what appeared to be some lovely jamón platters.

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