Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Reinvention of Genki Sushi in Singapore

Sushi Delivery

I never thought I would find myself at an outlet of Genki Sushi again after having tried it many years ago. It was such low-quality food that just had no appeal to me. But apparently they re-entered the Singapore market last year with a different approach, and it came up as a lunch suggestion today.

Part of what was new was this gimmicky food delivery system. Rather than a generic conveyor belt where people just grab whatever happens to pass by them, these guys had a system where your food, ordered via an iPad, arrived in a little space shuttle (or bullet train or race car) that whizzed straight to your table. It was a bit like the system at Tampopo, but on dedicated plastic toys on tracks rather than on a rotating belt. Needless to say, this place was very popular with families whose children no doubt found it all very entertaining.

And I'll be honest: I didn't actually mind some of the food today, including some pieces that they topped with some red chili oil. It still wasn't exactly anything to aspire to (for kaiten sushi, I'd rather just go to Ikeikemaru), but at least the food was better than it was before.

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