Friday, September 05, 2014

Samyang Buldak Bokkummyeon

Samyang Buldak Bokkummyeon

There's something wrong with that photo above. Yup, I prepared the noodles the wrong way, thinking that it was soup-based. It was only after I looked it up online that I realized that it was a dry version. Yes, I'm an idiot. I should have just looked at the photo on the cup!!

Fortunately, these things have been pretty easy to find at Korean markets around town, so I had a second chance to make it correctly. And the thing was pretty darned spicy the second time around. Licking a bit of the sauce on the side didn't carry much heat, but for some reason, when eaten with the noodles, it really lit much that I needed a bit of milk afterwards to offset it a bit.

It's hard to say how spicy this was compared to Teumsae Ramyeon, as this one was dry (and a bit sweet), whereas Teumsae was soup-based (and salty). But I like Teumsae better. And in case you're wondering, when I made my "soup" version of this, it wasn't spicy at all. Musta' been too much water. :)

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