Monday, August 04, 2014

Unaju from Akashi in Singapore


Not counting Gyoza-Ya, I think this is only my third time at Akashi. The first time was maybe more than ten years ago when I tried it for the first time and felt it was overpriced for the quality of food that they served. The second time was not my choice: an overseas client wanted to meet there for lunch for some reason. And today, we just needed somewhere nearby that served sushi so that we could get back home quickly.

The good thing is that the unaju that I ordered above was edible enough for me to eat pretty quickly. But something also dawned on me today: I suspect that the reason why Akashi is a popular chain is because it's comfortable and easy rather than the quality of the food, kinda like Crystal Jade or even Applebee's in the US. If I'm forced to eat at one of these "Japanese" chains again, I'd rather eat at Kuriya. But even then, it's only if I'm forced to.


Anonymous said...

Which branch were you at today? The quality varies wildly between their branches. The only one I dare visit is the one at Orchard Parade Hotel.

bma said...

Unfortunately, it was exactly that one.