Saturday, July 05, 2014

Appare WA-Shoku at Square 2, Singapore

5 Piece Tempura

This place at Novena Square 2 doesn't exactly sound very Japanese (12 Sinaran Drive #02-65, 6397‐6780). And it's not like the menu looked that impressive either, focusing on mere udon and tempura, plus a few sushi pieces shaped like cute animals.

So I was surprised by how much I liked that oddly crisp batter, not to mention the super moist and tender chicken that they fried in there, all complemented with the usual regiment of green tea salt, curry salt, and shichimi togarashi.

To be sure, the batter was nothing like proper tempura, but at these prices, I wouldn't have expected it either. In fact, this place is so affordable that I won't be surprised if I come back here again for lunch, or perhaps even in the evening while guzzling down a couple of beers too.

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