Friday, June 13, 2014

OnAir Internet via SQ from Sydney

OnAir Internet via SQ

I wasn't expecting in-flight Wi-Fi on this flight. Heck, I wasn't even expecting power outlets on this flight given those lousy seats on the way in. But when I stepped on board, I noticed the new seats and was delighted. On top of that, they announced overhead that there was in-flight internet capabilities, to which I was even more surprised. This was going to come in handy since I needed to get a few emails out.

My jaw just dropped when I saw the rates for this thing though. Oh no...they were using metered rates! And very measly allowances too. Really? A single email alone could obliterate that given how colleagues and clients sometimes attach huge files. Well, at least I could try to send some basic text emails, which was all I needed for now anyway.

Or so I thought. I went for the 15 MB option and nearly cleared it in minutes, even though my emails weren't that big (to be fair, there were some things sync'ing in the background but they shouldn't have been big either). Anyway, ultimately I got a few critical emails out, but that US$15 was not worth it. I seriously hope that they go to an unmetered plan like other airlines (and allow iPass roaming!).

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Julia said...

Wow. I wonder if it has something to do with them having to use Australian providers for part of the flight, because internet (like anything else) is pretty darn expensive here.