Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rendezvous Restaurant Hock Lock Kee Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang

I distinctly remember a former colleague of mine many years ago talking about how good this place was. But I've never been a huge fan of nasi padang, so I never made any effort to try it when it was at Hotel Rendezvous. Today, we needed a quick lunch though, and their current location at the Central was right in front of us, so we figured that we'd give it a try (6 Eu Tong Sen Sreet #02-72, 6339-7508).

Now I finally see why he liked it so much. Seriously, if all nasi padang were as good as this, I would be eating it a lot more frequently. The difference here was not just the quality of the ingredients, but also that one can actually taste things like eggplant rather than being overwhelmed with all of the spices. The sambal here was neither too stanky nor sweet, and those little begedil patties were fun to eat too.

It was only when we paid did reality strike: those items pictured above plus one dessert, two plates of rice, and two drinks were a whopping S$46 (US$37), which was multiple times more than what I would have expected to pay at other nasi padang shops. Still, I liked it, and I'll come back.

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