Monday, May 19, 2014

Fat Cow at Camden Medical Centre, Singapore

The Fat Cow Donburi

The name of this place always messed me up, in large part because it has nothing to do with Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck, which is what comes to mind first. But what is also puzzling is the fact that it is Japanese...or at least, they serve Japanese beef, and hence the name. And it's a bit ironic that they would name a restaurant "Fat Cow" in a building whose tenants are mostly medical professionals.

Either way, I needed to be in the neighborhood later, so I figured that this would be a chance for me to finally give it a try (1 Orchard Boulevard #01-01, 6735-0308). I grabbed their namesake donburi, which was fine, even if the truffle aroma was rather cliched. Paying a whopping S$39 (US$31) for that bowl wasn't my idea of fun either; for that kind of money, I'd rather go to Yazawa. But I'd eat here again if someone else paid. :)

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