Sunday, April 27, 2014

Revisiting Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre

Yu Sheng

I wasn't intentionally trying to come here a second day in a row. But I needed to run an errand nearby, and we figured that we'd get some breakfast here before moving on. This time the porridge lady was open, so I grabbed her yu sheng. And now I remembered why I liked it so much: that lovely bouquet of cilantro, ginger, and spring onions sitting in the center, all seasoned with sesame oil and a dusting of white pepper. I never tried her porridge, but the yu sheng is right up there with Joe Pork Porridge and Ah Chiang.

And oh yeah - unfortunately I didn't care that much for the soup version of Jian Kiang's wantan mee, as the broth was sweet, and they still ended up loading it up with that dried up char siu. Well, I suppose it's like trying to get New York pizza in Chicago: just stick to the local version instead. I guess that means I'll be going for the dry version here. And if I really get the cravings for HK-style noodles while still being on the equator, then the Noodle Place will get me by.

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