Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Japanese All Day Dining Aka Tombo

Akatombo Curry

Yomenya Goemon at Marina Bay Link Mall has undergone a makeover, and not necessarily for the better. It is still owned by the same people, and a number of the old pasta dishes are still there (as is the salad bar and tableware). But they cut back on the rest of the pasta dishes and expanded into other things like sushi, as well as that unappealingly mushy curry rice above.

Yeah, I felt kinda sick after eating that thing; it was just too rich with all of that cheese, curry, and egg yolk on top. Sigh...I hate it when places like this mess with their menu to try to broaden their appeal. For me, it had the opposite effect. Fortunately, it looks like the other Yomenya Goemon outlets are still intact for now. Hopefully they won't change those too.

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