Saturday, April 26, 2014

Exploring Commonwealth Crescent Market

Tori Nanban

Sometime last year, I went over to Commonwealth Crescent Market with one objective: to try out Coocci, a Japanese chicken stall run by a former Ichigo guy (118 Commonwealth Crescent #02-92). The food didn't particularly stand out to me at that time, but I didn't get a chance to try the fried chicken either. I suspected that I'd probably like that better than the other stuff that I had, and it turned out that I was right. It was tender and juicy and went down the hatch quickly, even if it was a bit greasy.

Wantan Mee

In the process, we noticed that a lot of people were ordering wantan mee from Jian Kang Noodles at stall 02-77. We thus got one too, and we liked it, particularly the firm and eggy noodles that reminded me of why I like Mak's in Hong Kong so much. Of course, this was done in a local style (that happened to have disappointingly dry char siu, BTW) rather than how they do it in HK, but maybe next time I'm here I'll try asking for the soup version to really focus on the noodles without other distractions.

Chwee Kueh

We rounded out this little hawker center with a few other items, including those chwee kueh above (not as tasty as the ones at Tiong Bahru, but good enough), as well as a pleasantly sweet oat dessert from Xi Le Ting at stall 70 (look for the stall with the old school porcelain bowls, not the dessert stall in the center). I kinda liked how peaceful this place was. Next time hopefully I can catch the porridge lady too; I recall getting a tasty yu sheng from her last time, although I can't recall specifically what it was that I liked about it.

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