Friday, March 14, 2014

Sashimi Tacos from a "Japanese" Place

Sashimi Tacos

I didn't have much choice over our lunch venue today, which turned out to be a faux-Japanese place. And this was deep in American suburbia, meaning that chicken teriyaki and California rolls were all over this menu. I wasn't exactly getting too excited (why the heck did they put sliced cabbage in a bowl of udon??), but there were a few things that I ordered just out of sheer curiosity, such as those sashimi tacos above.

I cringed when I bit into one though, as it was surprisingly sweet that I couldn't eat the second one. (I heard that Nobu does a sashimi taco too, although I can only assume that his is not sweet like this?) Another interesting item was a serving of jalapeno poppers, but fried in tempura batter and stuffed with tuna in addition to cheese. Again, it was only something that I could try once rather than going back for more.

They did have some Hawaiian pokē on the menu at least. And they definitely spiced it up, although the portion was unnecessarily large. Maybe I should have stuck to the chicken teriyaki. After all, it's been so long since I've been to one of these "Japanese" places in the US that it'd probably taste pretty darned good.

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