Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pho My in San Jose, California

Phở Gầu

Ugh - that was kinda nasty. We came here because I remembered them being across the street from Super Eggroll, and figured that maybe it would be worth a try (5499 Snell Avenue, 365-2042). But I didn't like it. The broth was mildly sweet and didn't have much body to it, while skin on those egg rolls was too thick to be enjoyable.

So yes, we should have just gone across the street to Super Eggroll, or maybe that new shop that has opened up over at Alamden Plaza. I'll admit that I might come back here for one more thing though: they had some kind of a sate noodle at the end of their super long menu, and I can't help but wonder if it's anything like TK's #2.

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JadedOne said...

If you want another pho place to try that isn't in East San Jose, go to House of Pho. Since I commute from Sunnyvale to San Jose, it's easy to get to for Vietnamese when I'm craving it. You may not find it all that impressive but it's worlds better than Pho My.