Friday, January 17, 2014

Wu Pao Chun in Taipei’s Songshan Cultural Park


So this bakery is supposed to be all the rage in Taipei right now, with lines supposedly pouring out of the place on weekends (88 Yanchang Road B2, 6636-5888 #1902). Why? Apparently the guy won some global baking competition in France or something. Unfortunately, when I tried his signature bread, I didn't like it, in part because I don't like the walnuts that he used in there, but also since it wasn't as crusty as I would have liked.

In that sense, there was a mentaiko baguette that I liked better, but it wasn't anything that I'd wait in line for. Indeed, I also got a butter-topped muffin thing that was soft and sweet, making it not that different from what you might find at other bread shops around Asia. Well, at least I got a good chuckle from the "he milk" that was listed as an ingredient in that muffin.

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