Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Indonesian Chicken from Sin Hoi Sai East Coast

Special Indonesian Chicken

I wasn't exactly intending to get a second dinner tonight (87 East Coast Road, 6440-6956). But when I noticed that these guys were just a few doors down from Full of Crab, I remembered that this location of Sin Hoi Sai had something that the Tiong Bahru location didn't have: some kind of Indonesian chicken that was supposed to be awesome, at least according to the same guy who referred me to such gems as Bismillah and Bar-B-Q Tonight.

Now, I don't know if my expectations were thus too inappropriately warped, but I was let down when this thing came out. The chicken was tough and dry, and it was done up in a mildly sweet sauce rather than some kind of volcano-spicy like thing that I had somehow built up in my head. Granted, some of that chili padi on the side helped address that, but I was hoping that it was part of the dish itself. Well, at least it went down well with the beer.

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Mojo_HK said...

Did you ask for boneless and spicy? They throw in extra chilli padi which offsets the sugar caramelization that happens. Pity the chicken was tough. Have never had that experience.