Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cafe Pita+ Bosnian Restaurant in Houston

Cevapi Platter

It was only on this trip to Houston did I realize how much it reminds me of Southern least, in the neighborhood around the Galleria. I mean, it's a big flat urban jungle with strip malls everywhere. And to my surprise, each of those strip malls seemed to have some kind of interesting thing to eat. Yes, there was food everywhere around here. Heck, even many of the big chain restaurants were ones that I had never heard of before, thus making me kinda curious.

Out of all of that though, the thing that got me the most curious was this little house serving Bosnian food (5506 Richmond Avenue, 832-530-4935). I certainly have never had Bosnian food before, nor do I really expect to come across Bosnian restaurants very frequently in the future. So I decided to scrap my original idea of getting some local Gulf seafood tonight and decided to come here, perhaps in part because I saw grilled fresh sardines on the menu.

Unfortunately, I found out when I got there that they were out of the sardines, so I got this set of ground beef kebabs called cevapi. It smelled great when it came out, and it tasted good enough that I wolfed it down quickly. I bookended it with a bean soup called grah and a chocolate crepe dessert called palacinci, and it was all washed down with a soda called Cockta, which the waiter described as a bit like Dr. Pepper or even "medicine." I liked it all either way.

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