Monday, November 04, 2013

Genong Mangoes from Indonesia (I think)

Genong Mangoes

I'm not even sure if that is really how you spell it, but that was how these Indonesian mangoes were listed at Meidi-Ya, where we picked up a few of these. Despite the attractively deep orange hue and aroma of these little tennis ball-sized things, the taste was surprisingly mild. That wasn't necessarily anything bad (all three of them were consistent in taste), but for someone who is always trying to find something better than the flavor of alphonsos, chaunsas, or even Burmese mangoes, these fell short of the mark.


Inge W said...

It is spelled 'gedong'. U should try 'harum manis', I saw once at Tanjong Pagar Market, but the market is now being renovated.

bma said...

Ah yes, you're right, it looks like it's "gedong" - thanks. And yeah, if you click on the Indonesian link above, you'll find the arumanis that I got from Tanjong Pagar Market.