Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Sushi Bar Dining at Far East Plaza

Tairagi Pen Shell Clam Sashimi

This wasn't planned, but we were in the building tonight and saw the huge lines here (14 Scotts Road #03-89, 9625-0861). It looked like it was a bit like that Koh Sushi place up at Wisma Atria (especially with writeups about some salmon aburi roll that was plastered all over its walls)...not exactly something that I would want to wait for. But the good thing was that we weren't hungry, so we got in line for 45 minutes just to satiate the curiosity. I guess I was kinda hoping that maybe it would be more like neighboring Wasabi Tei instead: not exactly top quality, but cheap and generous.

There turned out to be a few surprises, but otherwise was pretty much what I had expected. That salmon aburi roll had less mayo than that thing at Koh Sushi, but tasted similar with its torched salmon goopiness. The amaebi karaage was a letdown, as they breaded the stuff pretty was almost like getting popcorn shrimp at Sizzler. But one good thing was this tairagi that they had just brought in from Japan, which I was happy to order given my streak of giant raw clams lately.

Actually, the other huge surprise was the sticker shock when the bill came. It wasn't because of any of the aforementioned items - all of which were cheap as expected, but rather because of a plate of wagyu that we ordered (some of the other writeups on the wall talked about it, so we figured that we should order some). A small 125 gram portion came out to be S$62.50 (US$50), pushing our total bill past three figures. Sh*t - at those prices, I would have rather gone to Yazawa.

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