Tuesday, October 29, 2013

SQ's Mixed Nuts With Crackers

SQ's Mixed Nuts With Crackers

I'm either a real dork, or I just fly way too much with SQ to be taking the time to point out that they changed the wrapper on their in-flight snacks (probably both, I suppose). I'm not even sure if it tasted any different...I try not to open those things if I don't have to.

Nonetheless, with last week's flights still fresh in my mind, the differences between SQ and Etihad were noticeable. Granted, it's not like there was anything bad about this flight - and frankly it's still light years better than flying, say, United Economy. But little things like shared power outlets, no Wi-Fi (at least, on this A330 to Taipei), and those cheap headphones still made me long for Etihad. If only they were part of Star Alliance - and based out of Singapore as a hub!

Oh - and speaking of which, I was thoroughly impressed with the Butterfly Garden in Changi T3. It's not exactly somewhere that I would go to, but it was right next to Kaveri (who shockingly charges S$9 for a mango lassi!) where I got breakfast before getting on the plane this morning. Gotta love Changi - even this morning at check-in, multiple agents signaled that they were available without any lines in front of them. What a refreshing change!

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