Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Anyone Want Some Hello Kitty Beer from Taiwan?

Hello Kitty Peach Flavored Taiwan Beer

I needed a beer to settle the belly tonight, so I stopped at a 7-Eleven before heading up to my hotel room. I wanted to get something local, so at first I just searched for some Taiwan Beer. But then I saw the fruit-flavored varieties, and then upon closer inspection, I saw Hello Kitty. Really?? Hello Kitty beer? Oh man.

Sure, I knew that a lot of folks here were pretty crazy about Hello Kitty given what I've read about EVA Airways (and we've certainly seen Hello Kitty on plenty of other food products before), but putting it on a beer can?? Hopefully this isn't another case of selling beer to children. Either way, I'm sure that I looked pretty manly when walking back to the hotel while chugging this stuff on the street.

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