Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oushin Japanese Steakhouse at Suntec City Mall

Sakura Wood Smoked Chicken

Man, they totally re-did Suntec Convention Centre, eh? They basically cleared the lobby and created two new floors of shopping. Granted, none of the shops were that unique; the usual Uniqlo, H&M, Din Tai Fung, and Starbucks were there. But there was one shop that I *did* intentionally come here for, and that was Oushin (3 Temasek Boulevard #02-391, 6884-4805).

All the same, I wasn't exactly in the mood to blow eighty or ninety bucks on their wagyu lunch special, so the cheap-a$$ in me went for the S$25 (US$20) chicken, which I figured would be a bit healthier than red meat too. The good thing was that the chicken was cooked perfectly, with a crispy tasty skin and tender meat underneath. But I really didn't like that tomato sauce and potato garnish that went with it. It would have been so much better if they had Japan-ified it with some yuzu pepper instead.

Well, I am kinda curious to try that wagyu lunch one of these days, even if it was only A3-grade Iwate. There was an A5-grade cut of Omi ribeye on the a la carte dinner menu, but also at a whopping S$200 (US$160) those kinds of prices, I'd rather go to Masa/Yazawa. Well, I'm sure that a mere A4-grade meat will be sufficient next time.

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Hi, just wondering if your profile pic in front of Roberto's was taken in San Diego? I had great memories there!