Saturday, August 31, 2013

in ITALY Bar Ristorante on Craig Road

Ravioli di Ossobucco

I know that this will sound rather superficial, but somehow I was never really very interested in this place, in large part due to the rather dull sounding name. Still, we were in the neighborhood tonight and heard about a dish that seemed like it might be worth a try, so we stopped in for a bite (38 Craig Road, 6423-0918).

The good thing is that all of the food was of proper quality (and better than I thought it would be), making the food go down with ease. In some ways though, the kitchen overdid things a bit; with each of our dishes, I could have picked out at least one or two ingredients that I personally would have held back on, and yet I'd imagine would still make the dish just as tasty, if not more. Those are just my minimalist tendencies, I suppose.

Either way, this place seemed like it might be worth coming back to, in part since I thought I saw some counter seating for nibbling on antipasti, but also since they take last orders as late as 11:30 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. It was only when I looked it up now did I realize that this guy was formerly at Forlino.

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piracer said...

Was just there last night, their squid ink risotto is awesome though I agree they could leave out couple things that just seemed to cluster the plate.