Monday, April 15, 2013

Piedra Negra near Arab Street in Singapore


If I read it correctly, this place has been frequented by the Mexican ambassador (241 Beach Road, 6291-1297). And yet I've avoided it for quite a while now, in part simply because I had given up on trying to find decent Mexican food in Singapore. Still, I guess that Lucha Loco has restored my faith in what's available, so I suggested that we come here for lunch today.

Nonetheless, I kept my expectations low, especially after noticing how the menu was bordering on Tex-Mex. So I was pleasantly surprised with how thin and fresh the chips were, as well as how quickly I wolfed down that enchilada above (and yes, corn tortillas - yay!). I still like Lucha Loco much better, but at least I know that this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.


Eric Helfer said...

Have you tried MexOut yet? Not sure if it will be any better than any other Mexican places in Singapore but its new and apparently half decent.

Jude said...

my bf who's from Texas bitched about the lack of tex mex food in singapore. Piedra Negra only has good homecooked chips (we've tried dinner once and only drinks another). Is Lucha Loco worth trying? They seems to me like some poser place trying to offer fake tex mex

bma said...

It's funny that you put it that way, since I'm not a big fan of Tex-Mex (with a few exceptions). That's why I like Lucha Loco so much, as it's Mexican food rather than Tex-Mex. And yes, MexOut is more Tex-Mex than it is Mexican.

dairycream ng said...

Haha it's interesting how you described the Mexican food scene in Singapore. I went to lucha loco and also blogged about it. It was a pretty good experience for me and my mum