Sunday, March 10, 2013

My First Run on Amtrak's Acela

Grandma Utz's Chips and Dogfish Head IPA on Amtrak

I'd never taken Amtrak until today. And even on the way down to Philly today, I got the Northeast Regional train, whose economy class seats were already very spacious compared to what one might get on a plane. But on the way back up to NY, I wanted to give Acela a try...not just because it was faster and had Wi-Fi, but also because the lowest grade of seat was business class. I wanted to see what that extra money bought me.

It turns out that it wasn't that much. The seat wasn't that much bigger (and still with someone seated next to you, so maybe next time I should try First Class, even though those economy tickets were already surprisingly expensive enough as it was). And unfortunately, those local chips and beer above weren't anything that I particularly liked either. But I guess it got me back to the city pretty quickly.

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