Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Totally Random Plate of Noodles in Taipei

Noodles in Taiwan

I had no idea what this dish was, nor did I even know where I was in Taipei. But when I asked the front desk for somewhere nearby that I could get a bite to eat at, they recommended this alleyway, which had a few street stalls open, none of which looked very encouraging. I thus fell back on the logic of going to whichever place had the most customers, which was this place. I randomly asked for some noodles, and this was what I got, together with a bowl of soup.

The clam soup was kinda cool with its shreds of ginger and light clam taste. But those noodles were a bore. There was a big jar of chili sauce on the side that I hoped might spike it for the better, but it was kinda gross. Oh well. At least it was only NT$130 (US$4). Epilogue: my local colleague explained to me later that this was called san xian mian, or three delicacy noodles. The idea is that the shrimp, liver, etc. were the three fresh ingredients thrown in to give it its name.

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