Thursday, December 13, 2012

Frank, Purveyors of Artisan Sausage

Texalina and Side Salad

I pretty much knew just from the tagline alone that I was going to like this place (407 Colorado Street, 494-6916). And I'm not talking about the "artisan sausage" line, but rather another line that read "Hot Dogs Cold Beer." Cool. All they had to do was throw bacon into the mix and we'd be all set. Little did I know that my wish would be granted.

This place was bacon galore; not just the bacon-infused Maker's Mark, but also the Bloody Mary garnished with crispy bacon (in place of the traditional celery stalk) as well as the chocolate covered-bacon that I got for dessert. Sweeeeet!

And how was the hot dog? Well, what's not to like about a half beef, half pork sausage garnished with grilled coleslaw, white cheddar, and a pungent mustard? I'm really liking the attitude here in Austin. It reminds me of Portland, but warmer and more carnivorous.

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