Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cazamance in Austin, Texas

Yassa Chicken

I needed a quick lunch before getting back to meetings, and a search on Roaming Hunger showed that this West African place was nearby (1102 E Cesar Chavez, 487-7222). I had no idea what to order, but the guy suggested this yassa chicken, so I went ahead and waited for my food.

Now, my experience with African food is extremely limited, but I was expecting something pretty decently punchy. Instead, I ended up with this, which frankly wasn't anything that exciting; if my eyes were closed, I might have thought that this was catering from the hotel or something.

I suspect that I would have been much better off had I ordered the curry or some kind of vegan peanut butter thing that I thought I heard the guy suggest. Well, at least this was one of the healthiest things that I've eaten all week...I really need to load back up on some fresh greens.

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