Friday, November 09, 2012

Some Penang Cuttlefish Kang Kong

Penang Cuttlefish Kang Kong

This was unplanned. The presentation that I was supposed to attend at Resorts World Sentosa this morning was nearly an hour behind schedule. And I was starving (the coffee break was running behind schedule too!). So I figured that maybe this would be a good chance to head to the surface to get an early lunch first. I didn't have enough time to go very far, so I went into the Malaysian Food Street to see what was there.

This Penang cuttlefish kang kong seemed the healthiest of them all, as well as the most least, based on the picture on the menu. When I got it, it was drenched in all of this dark sauce. Fortunately, it wasn't as sweet as it looked (it was sweet instead), but there was so much darned sauce on this thing that they might as well have poured it into a cup and given me a straw. Note to self: next time ask them to skip the sauce.

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