Saturday, November 03, 2012

Bakmie Jakarta by Jiak Bak Mee

Bakmie Ayam Pangsit Goreng

I wasn't planning to come here this morning (117A Killiney Road). But I needed to go to the SingTel shop at ComCentre when I noticed the sign for these guys. And fortunately, they open at 10 AM every day, so I went upstairs for an early lunch.

I liked least, I liked the bakmie bakso sapi set that I had featuring mie lebar wide noodles. It was basically Indonesian noodles combined with Indonesian meatballs, all fueled by a decently potent hot sauce.

It still wasn't enough food though, so I got another bowl above, this time choosing something called yamien for my noodle selection instead. Fortunately, it wasn't as sweet as I imagined it to be, but next time I'm definitely choosing the mie lebar.

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Daniel's Food Diary said...

Went to the shop after your recommendation. Very sad looking place. The noodles are okay. I think they cant survive!