Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sugar N' Spice, Alexandra Retail Centre

Fish Vermicelli

When I first walked by this place (460 Alexandra Road #02-19, 6276-0367), I had no idea that it was Vietnamese. After all, the place was called Sugar N' Spice, and was decorated as if it were selling cakes and pies. It was only out of the corner of my eye when I saw a picture of something that resembled phở did I stop to look at the menu more closely. Then, it was apparent, with everything from phở to bún to even bánh mì.

Strangely though, these guys hid the Vietnamese names on the menu. Phở was referred to as "Vietnamese Comfort Broth," while bánh mì was called 7-inch Heroes. Regardless of the names, I didn't really care much for the food. The gỏi cuốn was depressingly frail, while the phở reminded me of Pho Stop or one of the many other shops around here, featuring a pre-garnished and otherwise unremarkable broth.

Only when I walked up to the register to pay did I realize what was going on. These guys are related to Orange Lantern, a place I had never been too fond of. But at least the soda chanh here was done perfectly, just as it was over there. And I liked the grilled fish in my bún above, as it was a bit reminiscent of Thien Long back home. Maybe I'll try the bánh mì next time, but I won't be in any huge rush.

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