Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Senor Taco, San Jose, California

Buche and Asada Tacos

Clearly with no relation to Señor Taco in Singapore (surely there must be a million Señor Tacos in the world with no relation to each other), this was a totally random spot that I dropped by while I had about ten minutes to burn. Besides, the sign outside indicating $1 tacos was a bit hard to resist (1375 Blossom Hill Road Suite 11, 266-6342).

Amusingly though, when I went inside, there were big signs on the salsa bar that said that the $1 tacos were not eligible for salsa bar access. They didn't come with cilantro nor onions either; just a splash of either red or green salsa. That didn't matter though. The buche cheeks were super tender, if swine-y. I should have made that my second taco filling too rather than the unremarkable asada on the right.

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