Thursday, September 20, 2012

Burger Bar in San Jose, California

Hamburger and Root Beer

I must have driven by this beat-up outdoor stand a million times when I was still living here (1101 South 1st Street, 293-0900), and yet for some reason I never stopped by to check it out, despite how intrigued I was by its big sign advertising five burgers at a special bundled price of $5.99 (the price was surely lower in previous years). Today I needed a quick drink, so I stopped in and grabbed a burger while I was at it.

The good thing was that it was super fast - I probably got my burger in less than a minute. But the burger definitely wasn't anything special. Granted, I can't expect much when a single burger is only $1.25, but this was even worse than that MiniMo. They topped it with relish (a huge dislike of mine), and the meat was dry.

Still, I'm sure that I'm going to come back one of these days, as I'm sure that this place would be great late at night. They had a number of other things on the menu too, including chili, tacos, and jalapenos. If that doesn't sound like a post-drinking snack, then I don't know what does.

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