Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bäco Mercat, Los Angeles, California

Salty Jowl Coca with Chilled Seafood Bäzole and Broccolini & Cheese

Given all of the rave reviews that I had read about this place, I was looking forward to coming to this tiny little shop in downtown tonight (408 South Main Street, 213-687-8808). The menu was eclectic. While the shop was named after a sandwich, these guys ultimately specialize in small plates, complete with a large craft beer selection on tap. Sounded exactly like my kind of place.

Now, that thing above may look like a pizza, but it was some kind of coca flatbread instead. (Had I known that it would ultimately look like a pizza, I probably would have gotten the sandwiches!) Nonetheless, all of it tasted fine, be it the cold uni and dungeness crab noodles or the tuna and quinoa salad, even if the soup was puzzlingly reminiscent of a Taiwanese beef noodles.

So yes, the food was good. And I'd be willing to go back as long as I didn't have to brave through traffic on the 10 Freeway to get there, only to have to wait another 30-40 minutes to get seated (despite the hostess telling me on the phone that it was easy enough to do a walk-in on a Saturday night). I'm glad that I tried this place either way.

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