Friday, September 21, 2012

Alicia's Mexican Cafe in San Jose


We came to this shop at Cambrian Park Plaza on the basis of a recommendation the other day (14408 Union Avenue, 559-0810). More than anything, we were curious to see how they might serve chicharrones - were they just going to pour pork cracklings out of a plastic bag or something?

Well, as you can see above, it was not that at all, but what I suppose was bits of pork rind and meat sauteed up with some surprisingly spicy green peppers. Yeah, I liked it, especially when thrown into one of those coarse corn tortillas. But admittedly this probably won't be a place that I'll come to frequently - I'm more curious to explore the huge variety of Mexican places in downtown and east San Jose instead.

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JadedOne said...

I'm glad you liked it :)