Thursday, July 05, 2012

Som Ri Korean Restaurant, Seoul

Korean Shabu Shabu

When I first heard about Korean shabu shabu, I was kinda curious to see how it differed from the Japanese version. So our colleagues took us to this place on the ninth floor of the Hyundai department store (554-609) for lunch. Apparently there isn't even a Korean name for this dish. It's just shabu shabu.

Anyway, there were certain Korean elements that were to be expected, like the array of banchan spread out across the table. And there were a few minor differences that I noticed, including the use of a peanut sauce rather than a sesame sauce (although ponzu was still provided), as well as the fact that the veggies were all dumped in first.

Carbs came last with the choice of either noodles or porridge that they made in front of you with the remaining broth. Yes, it was closer to the Japanese version than the Chinese version. I still like the purity of the Japanese version, but I've also grown a bit tired of it lately, so this Korean version was a nice change.

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