Monday, May 14, 2012

Din Tai Fung Singapore Has New Menu Items

Sliced Duck in Crispy Spring Onion Patty and Green Chilies Stuffed with Marinated Minced Meat

It looks like Din Tai Fung in Singapore has some new menu items - or at least, the one at Marina Bay Link Mall does. These little egg roll-like things were my favorite of them all, with a light and crispy skin as well as a savory slice of aromatic duck inside. The biggest letdown, however, were those stuffed green chilies in the back, which were not even the slightest bit spicy, but rather annoyingly sweet. The same could be said of the the noodles with spicy sauce, which again were not spicy but sweet. Actually, the biggest surprise was probably the chicken-based xiao long bao. It was still the same little dumpling, but just imagine Mom's chicken soup inside: refreshingly comforting. I'll get that one again.


Carne Asadas said...

Wow, you get around a lot! What do you do?

When it comes to hot dogs, in my opinion Top Dog on Center and Oxford Street, in Berkeley, still can't be beat. The Hot Links are the best, the bird dog is good. Same goes for the burritos from the takeout on Oxford Street nearby.

Do you know of any good Mexican style burritos in Singapore?
The delicious california kind stuffed with juicy carne asada, refried beans, salsa and chipotle sauce. Not the anaemic burritos sold here.

Miz Young said...

I love Din Tai Fung too... and I do try and go once a month. Will definitely look out for these new items. :)