Thursday, April 26, 2012

Street Food Near Baishizhou Station in Shenzhen

Southern Beef Noodles

We headed out of the hotel tonight to try to find some dinner, and ended up basically picking up little snacks off the streets near one of the train stations, like this little bowl of beef noodles above for 5 RMB (US$0.80). This was apparently done up in a more Southern Chinese style, which I'm told was only mildly spicy rather than being the overpoweringly spicy stuff found a few provinces further north. But it was savory and refreshing, and I gulped this thing down in a flash.

Salt Baked Quail Eggs

These were just your everyday quail eggs, but it was just interesting the way that it was presented with this giant salt-baked tub. Perhaps more amusing was the "Classcial [sic] Wine" that I picked up along the way; it was carbonated and not exactly drinkable...although it's not like I could expect much when it was only 7 RMB (US$1.10), and served in a can with a straw, no less.

Xiao Chao

Finally, I noticed a number of stalls selling these so-called xiao chao noodles, which look like any other plate of stir-fried noodles. But this guy threw in some flaming hot chili peppers that made it a delight to eat. Xinjiang yang rou chuanr was of course all over the place too, but I was pretty let down by an eggplant that I got, which was covered in so much garlic that I could barely eat it.

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