Sunday, April 29, 2012

The French Burger from Hippopotamus

Hippo French Burger

Here was the French Burger from Hippopotamus. What made it French? That thick slab of foie gras on top, as well as some port-based sauce. It tasted like it sounded, even if it wasn't quite the concoction that Daniel Boulud is known for. One of these days, that will have to be worth a try.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I have been following your food adventures for a while and checking out the ramen recommendations, thanks for doing this!

I just have to ask: the burger is served with... rice?

bma said...

Good catch. It came with your choice of three sides, and one of ours just happened to be rice. I guess it wouldn't be so out of place if we were in Indonesia, where even McDonalds serves rice to cater to local tastes.