Sunday, September 25, 2011

Steamers Seafood Cafe in Seattle

Clockwise from top: Alaskan True Cod Fish n Chips, Seafood Stew, and Seared Pacific Sole with Black Bean Corn Relish

Fortunately, that thing in the bottom left didn't taste as bad as it looked. I ordered just a seared sole but they topped it with a black bean and corn relish, which made the thing soggy and rather unattractive. But it tasted fine enough for me to eat it pretty quickly. I couldn't say the same about the salty seafood stew and the surprisingly breaded fish 'n' chips though.

Anyway, we originally came here since they were a more casual sister outlet of Elliott's (1201 Alaskan Way Suite #101 at Pier 56, 206-623-2066), kinda like how Ivar's and Anthony's run their casual Fish Bars next to their main restaurants. In retrospect, we probably should have gone to those guys instead...or just had our fill of fish and chips when we were up at Pike Place earlier today.

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