Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Old House Melaka Lok Lok, Singapore

Lok Lok

I didn't mean to eat this. I originally came down here because there was a Xinjiang skewer place in Geylang called BBQ Box that I noticed had opened up a shop at the retro Food Republic Beer Garden at St James Power Station (3 Sentosa Gateway). But the skewers were disappointingly soggy, even if I liked the way they spiced them up.

The more interesting thing thus became this other skewer stall on the opposite side of the lot, as it was something that I'd never heard of before (apparently it's Malaysian?). Instead of being grilled on a fire and dressed with a cumin-based spice mix, these lok-lok things were fried in hot oil and then accompanied by a couple of sauces.

The good thing was that frying them made them nice and crispy. But I didn't like the sauces at all, which means that I won't likely get this again. And I guess I won't be going back to BBQ Box either. Well, no worries. I can always get my Xinjiang skewer fix at LDM...or even one of those Boat Quay shops if they are still around.

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