Friday, July 29, 2011

Hot Pot from Xian De Lai in Singapore

Hot Pot Buffet

I don't know if this is the chain from Shanghai of the same name, but we came here because we noticed those ornate pots last time we were up at nex (23 Serangoon Central #B1-05, 6634-4630). Now, my expectations were very low since I figured that it was still a low-quality hot pot buffet shoved into a pretty vase, but I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would, mainly because of the broth, be it the white pork bone based one pictured here or a spicy Sichuan version that they had.

Granted, the quality of the ingredients was still nothing to get excited about, and they messed up our order a couple of times too. But we had fun with a spicy chicken that they provided, not to mention a fried version that featured a Xinjiang-like cumin dip. Fortunately, I was able to get my mixture of sauces right too. We're willing to come back, although we'll probably skip the pricey buffet next time and just get the set meal instead.

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