Saturday, June 04, 2011

Sichuan Baijia Sweet Potato Noodles

Sichuan Baijia Instant Sweet Potato Noodles

We thought that we had scored a pretty cool find when we spotted these things from Chengdu on the bottom shelf of the instant noodle section at Carrefour. Or rather, when we *smelled* these things on the shelf at Carrefour. Granted, it said something about the quality of the packaging, but the aroma of spices that we associate so much with Sichuan food was emanating from these packages, and we just had to try it.

It was a letdown. We were hoping that it'd be something like our usual Sichuan street noodles, but seasoning was uninspiring, and we almost felt a bit sick after eating it. Well, the Beef Hot Pot flavor was probably one of the better ones in this family pack, as it was loaded with tongue-numbing peppercorns. But I don't want to know what was really in those flavor packets, as surely all of that MSG can't be healthy.

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