Saturday, June 04, 2011

An Indian Mango Shootout

From left: Benishan and Totapuri Mangoes

It's time for another mango shootout. This time, we grabbed a benishan on the left and a totapuri on the right, both as part of an Indian mango selection available at Cold Storage right now. I definitely liked the totapuri better. It was punchy, and in this case, a touch of sourness also made it pleasantly tangy. The benishan, on the other hand, was just plain boring to me. It was only when I looked it up just now did I realize that a benishan was just a banganapalli, which I didn't like last time either.


Blur Ting said...

You're right. I bought 2 benishan mangoes over the weekend and found them pretty bland.

LT said...

I love your mango shootouts. Please keep them coming. I have to go find for myself the Vietnamese ones now. I remember how good they were after a Vietnamese colleague gave me one.

Myanmar mangoes have a short season; the one that you've eaten should all be gone, but another type should be available pretty soon.