Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Underdog in the Sunset District, SF

Vegan Smoked Chipotle Dog and Cole Slaw

A place carrying a tagline of "The Organic Sausage Joint" isn't exactly anything that would normally interest me. But I still came down to this tiny little place (1634 Irving Street, 665-8881) since they had a wide selection of sausages that seemed worthy of a try. I was a bit surprised by how spartan they were; they came out naked in a bun, leaving it to you to choose from a variety of mustards as well as the usual sauerkraut, relish, and onion toppings. But the Spicy Italian dog that I got worked for me.

Unfortunately, that's when I decided that one wasn't enough, and that it'd be worthy to venture over to the vegan side of the menu to see if those would be any good. Yep - those were vegan hot dogs, made with organic soy and wheat. I'll pass on those next time, as this smoked chipotle dog was dry and certainly nothing that inspired me. I'll still come back for the meat versions, although I'll probably just go to Showdogs if I don't need to go way out to the Inner Sunset.

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Rodney said...

Ah, you were at Underdog's? Walk a block west, past the KFC, you would have hit Won Ton King, the best place for proper won ton noodles in San Francisco. If I can't be in Hong Kong for my noodle fix, I go here. It's pretty good.